Single point hookup conversion

Both of those options are far more pricey than this conversion hitch. This simple pin-on hitch is less expensive than any other alternative and can be easily taken off and converted back to a 2-pt. Matuszewski says 90 percent of the parts are laser cut with tab and notch for precision and strength.

Technical Details

A single cylinder on the hitch raises and lowers the parallel arm, which takes the place of the 3-pt. He adds that because the hitch is always attached to a drawbar, a planter is pulled from a low point on the tractor for more stability in the transport position.

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The hitch fits 12, 16 and row planters. The hitch weighs lbs, providing plenty of bulk for strength and stability.

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Click here to download page story appeared in. While guys wanted less points to hook up when switching heads at the same time more options were being added to heads it gets a bit difficult.

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The newer your head is the easier it will be. Now the next big question is are you looking at lateral tilt.

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If you are not looking at lateral tilt you will simply need the shorter hooks for top of feeder housing and your corn head will fit right on. I don't remember but if the '92 corn head has flashers I believe the old style flasher hookup is present tied away next to harness leading to one point hookup. If you have feeler for auto height and or corn reel you may want one point electrohydralic adaptor for corn head as well. I am unsure if there is an adaptor to set your '92 hugger onto the '98 or newer lateral tilt mount.

Hopefully someone else can answer this if you are looking at lateral tilt for you newer machine. I hope this give you a few ideas on what you need to clear up to adapt your older heads. Your new combine probably has lateral tilt. These machines have a higher feederhouse front profile and need a taller opening in the heads to match up. I'm not sure about this, but I don't think lateral tilt was an option in '92 so your older Hugger may not be set up to be able to convert to the tall profile opening without some fabrication work.

When lateral tilt became an option, the Hugger was given a taller frame to accommodate the extra height on the feederhouse.


These newer heads were able to be set up for non-lateral tilt machines to make them backward compatible. We have one of these newer, tall frame Huggers that was set up for an older machine. We got a late start on this deal and by the time they delivered the combine, we needed to be running. We thought we had the head converted over to fit the 62, but the opening was too narrow when we went to hook up.

Come to find out the "wedges" on the top corners of the opening are narrower for lT and our old, non lT wedges were too wide. Of course, no Gleaner dealers in the area had any new style wedges on hand so we had a local guy cut the old ones down to narrow them up. The moral of the story is this - you're asking questions now about getting your corn head hooked up to a newer combine well in advance.

I am probably going to go with lateral tilt.